Thank You For Your Business

Huge thank you to Dave and his team at Precision Components Midwest here in Norfolk for their Global Dump Trailer purchase!

Big thank you to Jason out of Rapid City for ordering with DB Trailer Sales! Enjoy hauling that new side by side in the new trailer!

Big thank you to Katlin from KR Plumbing in Norfolk for your business! Enjoy that new trailer!

Thank you to everyone at Milestone Builders for choosing DB Trailer Sales for your new cargo trailer!

Huge thank you to these guys from Triple Crown corn hole for snagging their new Big Horn from DB Trailer Sales! Cant wait to see the wrap, enjoy!

Big thank you to Matt of GV Kustom Kitchens in Norfolk for ordering this extra height Big Horn contractor!

Thanks Doug for buying your 16’ Global Equipment XDHDGN Dump Trailer from DB Trailer Sales. Stop down and order your Global Equipment Trailer from DB Trailer Sales.

Nate picked up a 7x12x78 Contractor for all his heavy construction needs. Thanks Nate

Chris bought a new 7x16x78 Contractor. Chris needed the ever so popular Big Horn Contractor to move to Florida. Thanks Chris

Jess bought a new trailer from DB Trailer Sales to haul his Harleys to Arizona ! Enjoy your trip Jess. Thank You

Misael has a mobile mechanic business out of Omaha . He bought a 7x14x78 Big Horn from DB Trailer Sales. Good Luck with the new business Misael. Thank You.

Terry and Diane needed a trailer to haul there bikes to Sturgis. DB Trailer Sales had just the right trailer for them. Thanks guys. Enjoy

Thanks Drew for buying your 7x14x78 Big Horn from DB Trailer Sales. Drew is going to turn this trailer into a ice shack. Enjoy Drew

Eric bought a 7x14 single axle to turn into a ice shack . Good Luck fishing . Thanks Eric

Jess and his wife made the drive from Minnestoa to snag there 6x12x78 Big Horn. Great People ! Thank You

Thank You Victor for buying your Big Horn from DB Trailer Sales.

Mike drove from Plainville KS to pick up his new 7x18x84 Contractor. Thank You Mike

Jay was looking for a trailer to go ice fishing in and found one at DB Trailer Sales. Thanks Jay. Good Luck this weekend at the tournament. Enjoy

Thanks Jeremy for buying your Big Horn from DB Trailer Sales.

Kevin with Bock Construction wanted a 7x16x78 Standard and DB Trailer Sales delivered. Pleasure doing business with you. Thank You!

Bret and Donna help with getting supplies to forest fire fighters during forests fires. They called wanting a custom trailer to turn into a camper. DB Trailer Sales delivered. Thanks for your business and THANK YOU for your volunteered help with the fire fighters. Great People.

Big shout out to Nick. Thanks Nick for buying your new trailer from DB Trailer Sales ! Enjoy being closer to your family.

Thanks Brendan for purchasing your Big Horn Trailer from DB Trailer Sales. Brendan is taking this trailer to his brother in Spearfish SD. Thanks

A big Thank You to Tom. Tom has been a family friend for many years. Tom picked up his 7x14x84 Big Horn to haul his side by side and ice fishing equipment. Enjoy Tom and Thank You.

Shout out to Darrell and Alecia M. Kraupie from Bridgeport NE. Darrell and Alecia own Kraupie’s Real Estate & Auctioneers. Thanks for your business.

Thank you to Erik who owns and operates Burns Lumber Co. in Creighton NE. Eric picked up a 7x16x90 Big Horn. Stop down to DB Trailer Sales and order your custom trailer. We can get you into what you need. Thanks again Erik.

Michael needed and extra walls height trailer for his side by side and DB Trailer Sales had it in stock!!! Thank you for the business and enjoy that new Big Horn!

Thank You to Dr.Bailey for purchasing his Big Horn Trailer from DB Trailer Sales. Enjoy!

Big thank you to John for making the trip to pick up his 7x12 Big Horn that matches his truck! Enjoy and safe travels!!!

Thank You to Hans from up in South Dakota for buying his 7x14x78 from DB Trailer Sales. Enjoy your new trailer Hans.

Brett came and picked up a nice used Aluma Sno-Pro tilt for his sledding trip this month! Thank you for the business. Enjoy and safe travels!

Huge thank you to Puetz Design and Build for their 2x Big Horn Purchases. Enjoy those new rigs!

Big thank you to Dwayne and Bo Bo’s Express for picking up this 7x16 Big Horn with custom wheels, sharp unit! Enjoy!

Always great to do business with our old co workers!!! Thank you to Druyor Trucking for snagging this 6x12 Big Horn! Enjoy and safe travels!

Big thank you to Andrew for coming out and picking up a Zimmerman Platinum Aluminum truck body!!!

Big thank you to Craig for picking up his new Big Horn Contractor! Enjoy and safe travels!!!

Huge thank you to Don and the team at Motoplex of Norfolk for picking up these 2 brand new Zimmerman’s. They make a great side by side trailer!!! Anything side by side, atv, jet ski, snowmobile make sure and stop by Motoplex and see these guys!!!

This new Zimmerman showed up just in time for the new year. Thank you Chris and enjoy!!!

Big thank you to Kenney from RED 10 RV for coming out and picking up 2 brand new Big Horns including the new Flat Iron car trailer!!! Anything camper and RV make sure and get ahold of Kenney and his team, best service and deals around!!!

We’ve gotten to know Rick pretty good over the last few months. He stopped at DB Trailer Sales and got himself a nice retirement present. Congratulations on 30 years of dedicated entrepreneurship!!!

Big Thank you to Doug for his 7x16 Big Horn Contractor purchase!!! Enjoy that new trailer!!!

Really enjoyed meeting Brad and his family during this order. They’re headed on an exciting hunting trip next week with their new Big Horn. Thank you for the business and enjoy your trip, safe travels!!!

Big thank you to Dylan and Siera for their 7x16 Big Horn purchase! Enjoy that new trailer!!

Thank You Derek for purchasing your Big Horn Contractor from DB Trailer Sales. Enjoy your new trailer.

Allan purchased a 7x16x87 Contractor for his Harley and UTV from us down at DB Trailer Sales. Enjoy Allan and Thank You again !

Delivered Rod a 7x18x84 Big Horn. Thanks Rod.

Created by the Norfolk Daily News.